What We Do


Grassroots’ mission is to promote protection of forests and communities who call them home through participating in projects that have the same aim and initiating worthwhile efforts to further forest conservation. We engage in projects that contribute to our mission, partnering with civil society groups and engaging corporate and government sectors.

Focal Areas


Forest Watchdog

Monitoring and reporting on threats to tropical forests while connecting forest stakeholders and raising their issues to consumers, activists and the broader public through our website, social media and collaborating with other organizations.

ges-bers commconsult (Macchu)

Empowering Forest Communities

Supporting forest communities and indigenous peoples’ struggle to protect and manage their ancestral and traditional lands through networking, capacity building and campaign support.


• Project development and management
• Forest conflict case investigation, reporting and engagement
• Social stakeholder representation & engagement with forestry & oil palm sectors
• Third-party certification scheme engagement
• Project partnership for civil society organizations
• Field work